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As the only independent cardiology practice in Yakima, the cardiologists of the Yakima Heart Center have responded 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cardiac emergencies throughout the Yakima Valley for over 35 years. Our doctors treat over 90% of the patients with cardiac disease in our community.

When it comes to choosing where to receive treatment for cardiac procedures, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has been selected as the hospital of choice by patients for nearly a decade—treating more cardiac disorders annually than any other hospital in the Yakima Valley. Together Memorial and the Heart Center have accomplished incredible results in the battle against heart disease.

Together Memorial and the Heart Center developed an emergency response team to expedite treatment of patients suffering heart attacks. The team assembles and begins preparations as soon as the ambulance alerts the hospital a patient may be having a heart attack. Then they meet the ambulance at the door, ready and waiting to begin treatment.

On average, patients suffering a heart attack can have blockages opened within 65 minutes of walking through the door of the hospital. The national average is 90 minutes.

Memorial’s Institute of Heart and Vascular Health assists over 1,350 cardiac patients each year. The Yakima Heart Center serves nearly 15,000 cardiac patients a year. The combined expertise saves thousands of lives in our community each year.

The quicker you receive care for a cardiac event, the better your chance of recovery. Call 9-1-1 at the first sign of a heart attack—even if you aren’t sure. Better to rule out a heart attack than risk more damage to your heart.

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